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My Own Decluttering Journey

Having lived in eighteen different houses (six in three foreign countries), I have plenty of experience of organising, packing and setting up home. We acquired things along the way and ended up moving far more stuff than we really needed, from country to country, before returning to Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Sadly, in 2015 both my parents passed away and my sisters and I had the difficult task of clearing the family home of thirty years.

I felt I wanted to give a home to as much of their furniture and carefully chosen household items as possible, as a result, our own house became even more cluttered! This presented my husband and I with a bit of a dilemma, because much as we appreciate good quality furniture and items that hold fond memories, we have a strong sense of our own style and are fans of quite a pared down, Scandinavian look. I'm also very keen on order and tidiness around the house!

There was clearly a mismatch to be reconciled and so began my personal decluttering journey.

Fast forward three years, by 2018 we'd given away, donated, sold, refurbished and repurposed both our own and items inherited from my parents; and at the same time reclaimed space and re organised our house.

I discovered I loved the whole process! So much so, that I found myself constantly talking to my friends about decluttering and passing on my enthusiasm for living in a pared down space, surrounded only by the things I love.

I started to help my friends with their decluttering projects and realised that I had found my vocation, Less Is More - Decluttering & Organising was born!


Why choose me?

I believe that a living space should be uncluttered and organised, but that you should surround yourself with objects that are meaningful to you.
Your home environment should be comfortable rather than stark. 

It's not about depriving yourself, more about reaching a level of possessions that you are comfortable with.
I like to hold on to memories, but I'm interested in exploring the best ways to do that; using the best techniques available today, be that restoring, reframing or repurposing.
I firmly believe that decluttering is a journey not a destination.

It may start with a defined decluttering project, but it is also about adopting a new way of thinking about our possessions and the organisation of our living space on an ongoing basis.

Decluttering & Organising help

(In Home or Online Sessions)

  • Whole house or single room​

  • Bedroom & Wardrobe

  • Kitchen, Pantry & Utility Room

  • Re purposing a room

  • Preparing for move or downsizing

  • Preparing a property for sale (including home staging)

  • In sickness or old age

  • Preparing to share your house with others (including new baby arrival)

  • Paperwork, printed photos & memorabilia

  • Maintaining the decluttered house

  • Preparing your house for Christmas 

  • Adopting a low tox/low waste lifestyle


"What a superb service Jo offers! My bedroom and utility room have been completely transformed - from rooms where you could see nothing but clutter, to efficient, organised spaces.
Jo works really hard to help sort out messes you thought couldn't be tackled. She is a hard task-master, but still shows empathy and sensitivity when unexpected items come to light. Thank you so much!"

Clare, Maidenhead

"Jo has been completely amazing. After three days of moving and feeling very tired, to have a functional kitchen in the midst of chaos, is a complete lifesaver. Thanks so much Jo. It has made an incredible difference to the entire family to have this space sorted."

Amanda Ayres - Founder, Female Networking Association

"Working with Jo to transform one room have really inspired me to tackle other areas of the house. I've caught the
de cluttering bug! Thank you Jo!"

Sam, Shiplake

I have spent two really productive days with Jo – so far – Jo is so calm and reassuring and has really supported me to declutter my son’s room which was long overdue for a sort out.  We then organised my clothes, what could be sold and what could be put into storage, Jo is excellent at folding and organising.  I honestly would never have achieved so much without her help – she kept me focused on the task – definitely worth every penny.  Looking forward to doing some more with Jo.

Michelle – Blogger, Fifty & Fab

Fabulous service, the decluttered space makes me feel calmer and more organised. We’ve identified lots of clothes & shoes to be sold in “Diana’s Wardrobe”. Now I know where everything is! Excited to get started on the next few rooms with Jo.

Diana, Maidenhead

Well, what can I say? Jo is just brilliant! Having started in my (very messy and disorganised) office, which is now a pleasure to be in, we are currently working through my large kitchen. Jo is methodical, organised and firm but gentle. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her service.

Adi, Maidenhead

To say I really wondered whether I needed to spend the money is an understatement, but wow Jo is worth every penny. We started with a space in my shop where I take payment and kept goodness knows what before, but now everything has a place and I feel so much more organised. We achieved so much in just 3 hours I was inspired to carry on and now I feel the shop is looking beautiful. I was so impressed that Jo is with me again soon to sort out the study I'm sitting in now, which has become a mess beyond belief and I can't wait for our session to get the room looking tip top. Not told hubby (know he hates all the mess) he'll be pleasantly surprised in a couple of weeks time. Considering this but not sure? Don't hesitate! I now look around all the house and think what's next, even if I do it myself.

Wendy, Maidenhead

Thanks so much Jo, for your patience and guidance. It feels great to have a clear space.

Lucy, George Green

Thanks to the lovely Jo Hall, I am now sitting relaxing in my new tidy lounge for the first time in years. Thank you so much for getting me on track to a new clutter free life You're a star.

Wendy, Wimbledon

"A big, big thank you to Jo who has got me and my wardrobe out of a big, black hole! I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but knew I needed help and it has been one of the best things I have done. The whole experience was fun, enlightening and enjoyable and I truly feel like I have a new wardrobe now that I want to open each day to see what little nougats I have in there that I had forgotten about! Am relishing the organisation of everything too. A fresh set of eyes is remarkable! Go on, you won't regret it. Now on to the rest of the house Jo!"

Diane, Hook


How does it work?


Coaching you to be clutter free

Let's chat - If I'm going to be helping you declutter and organise your personal space, it's important that we get along and feel comfortable working together in your home.

Working together - In home Decluttering & Organising projects work best if you are present and part of the process.

Coaching you to be able to keep the decluttered space organised, is a key part of the service that I provide.

Four Phases - Two Options

Getting to know you - FREE initial telephone/

What's App) chat

Finding out what you need - In Home assessment visit OR online assessment via What's App/Zoom, followed by proposal e mailed to you within 48hrs. 

£30 (deductable from your first session booked)

Hourly rate £35/hr. Purchase a package to secure discounted rate:

Working together in person - week day working sessions £120 (based on 4 hour session)


Working together online - via What'sApp/Zoom

Sessions from £60 (includes up to 2 hour call time & written recommendations)


Ongoing support - invitation to join FREE online

Decluttering Club

If you have clutter, let's have a chat!


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