Any Questions?

How long does it take?

That depends on the size of the area you would like us to work on and how much clutter you have! If it is one small room, a single four hour session might be enough. For a larger area I would advise booking two four hours sessions as a starting point. We would talk about this and decide when I visit your house for the initial assessment. For online working, the initial assessment would be via What's App video call. 

Do I need to be present for the decluttering & organising session?

Yes, absolutely as the idea is to coach you through the process so that you have the skills for the future. The only exception might be if you book me to unpack boxes and organise following a house move.

How far do you travel/Do you offer online consultations?

My work alongside clients in their homes is generally within 30 minutes travelling time from Maidenhead, UK. I do, however make exceptions, so please get in touch to discuss.


Yes, I offer online sessions via What's App video or Zoom, enabling me to support clients with their projects anywhere in the world.

Do you offer ongoing Decluttering & Organising Support?

Yes, absolutely! Every client who works with me is invited to join my Facebook Decluttering Club for ongoing support and inspiration.

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