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Online Resources

Guiding you through your Decluttering & Organising project step by step

Inspiration, Motivation, Accountability & Results, through 1:1 online support


My Eyes On Your Room is perfect for:


  • Single Room or Whole House Decluttering & Organising Projects

  • Preparing for a life event such as a new baby or downsizing

  • Home Staging to prepare for house sale photos



Clear your Kitchen Clutter &

Get Organised Forever, Now!

  • โ€‹Coaching you to transform your kitchen from chaos to calmโ€‹

  • Guiding you step by step through a tried and tested process (mindset, preparation, action, maintenance)

  • Inspiration, motivation, accountability and results, through video, audio, workbooks and 1:1 online support



8 Week Online Group Course
  • Take back control of the living space throughout your house

  • Feel motivated to make permanent change

  • Be inspired by fresh ideas for storage and styling

  • Build new habits to maintain your tidy space

  • Support others and be supported by being part of a group

  • Have some fun doing what many women consider a mundane chore


Fast Results for Small Areas with Big Clutter Problems
  • Make a difference quickly and easily

  • With fresh ideas

  • Direct to your inbox

  • Solution within 48 hours



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