• Jo Hall

What's Lurking In Your Bathroom?

Focus on these eight key areas for a bathroom declutter:

Medicine Cabinet - do you know what's in there? Is it in date? Is it still relevant? Are you likely to use it again? If in doubt "throw out", actually in this case don't throw them out, take them back to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

Kids Bath Toys - These can soon take over, not to mention become black and mouldy. Limit the number, store in a net bag to aid drainage and purge often.

Washing Basket - make sure you put a wash on when it's full, don't let the bathroom floor become a dumping ground for dirty clothes. When we built a house in Austria I had the bright idea of having a laundry chute installed between bathroom and laundry room below. It was a great idea in theory, but turned out to be a costly mistake, as we found out retrospectively that it didn't comply with fire regulations and needed expensive work on it in order to comply - you have been warned!

Tatty, Faded Towels and lots of them - a couple of sets per family member (useful for sorting if each person has their own colour) and a couple of sets of guest towels should be ample. Animal shelters and vets are keen to take old towels and in some areas such as Maidenhead, they can be put out for textile recycling.

Excess Packaging - avoid excess, bulky cardboard packaging in your bathroom by removing it and putting it in the recycling as soon as you unpack your shopping.

Cleaning Products - a cloth and a spray cleaner is useful to have to hand for a quick wipe round at any time, but do you really need a cupboard full of cleaning products?

If you store a complete cleaning kit in a portable container in your utility room, it can be taken from room to room as and when needed. You'll avoid buying duplicates and cluttering up your bathroom cupboard.

Make Up & Toiletries - if you have items that you haven't used for a while, it's time to get rid of them. Old make up harbours bacteria and has a limited shelf life, so if in doubt, throw it out! If you have unopened make up and toiletries that you know you won't use, it can be donated to The Brett Foundation if you are local to Maidenhead, if not you might have a relevant charity locally; or host a Decluttering Party and invite your friends!

Travel-size Toiletries - free samples and hotel bathroom freebies - these might seem like a great idea at the time, but think of the plastic waste involved and the clutter, as your collection builds up at a faster rate than you use them.

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