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How Many Bedrooms Do You Have? - I asked you the same question last year, has anything changed?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

How many rooms with a bed in it do you have?

How many rooms with a bed, that someone could actually sleep in, do you have?

So you have a guest room do you?

One that a guest could actually sleep in?

guest spare room declutter organise

Ok, let me ask you another question.

How many dining rooms do you have?

How many dining tables do you have?

Are you actually using your dining table as a dining table at the moment?

It's 42 days until Christmas.

Are you hosting family and friends over the festive period?

There's no point in having a spare bedroom, and a fabulous menu, with a gorgeous decorative theme for your Christmas table planned, if you can't actually see the dining room table at the moment and you can't open the door to the guest room as it's become a dumping ground!

Maybe you need some help to become guest ready?

If you could declutter and organise these areas sooner rather than later, maybe you'd be able to relax and actually enjoy the lead up to Christmas this year?

Christmas dinner dining table decoration festive

Here's my offer:

20% off guest room or dining room declutter & organise sessions, booked and completed by Wednesday 18th December.

This means that you could have your guest room or dining room decluttered & organised from as little as £80 (based on one four hour session).

Offer applies to homes within a ten mile radius of Maidenhead. If you live further away, please still get in touch, I'll just charge for mileage or we can arrange to work remotely (different rates apply for remote working, 20% discount still available).

Message me to find out more: Less Is More

Please share, if you know someone who might benefit from this offer.

Offer code: LIMCHRIS19

Want to do it yourself? Have a look at Be Our Guest! - 8 tips for preparing your spare bedroom for guests.

What about the rest of your house? Christmas Is Coming - 6 Quick fixes for a tidy house

For help with decluttering & organising your home: Less Is More

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