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Eight tips for preparing your spare bedroom for guests:

1. Fresh bedding - keep a set just for guests (with the appropriate number of pillowcases) and store it in your spare bedroom so that it is well organised, always ready and easy to find when you need it.Same for towels, store them in the guest room if possible (don't forget a bath mat as well if the room has an ensuite). A spare blanket folded up at the bottom of the bed in winter will make the room feel cosy. Have you got enough spare pillows? A single one per person is rarely enough these days.

2. Make sure your guests have some dedicated hanging space (with empty hangers) and a couple of clutter free (preferably empty) drawers so that they can unpack their bags.

3. Is it easy to open the windows if they want to get some fresh air (especially in summer). If the windows are locked, make sure you keep the keys somewhere that they'll find them easily.

4. Make sure that that your guest has access to essential toiletries, shower gel in the bathroom, an ample supply of spare toilet roll, if you have the space why not include a small basket with items that they may have forgotten (toothpaste, toothbrush, cotton buds etc.) A spare hairdryer may also be useful.

Christmas decoration, cushion, festive bedroom
Seasonal room decoration

5. Seasonal decor - don't go overboard on this, but a small decoration in the room to match the season would be a nice touch, a small vase of flowers in the spring, or a single Christmas decoration.

6. Local information - maybe your guests will want to explore the local area, a map of Maidenhead walks, a visitor guide to Windsor Castle, or whatever your local attractions are, could be left in the room.

7. Light - is there a bedside light and is it plugged in and easy to reach? The last thing a guest wants is to be groping about the room in the dark trying to find a light switch!

8. Entertainment - a few magazines or books would be a nice addition to the room, even better if you can tailor the selection to suit your guest. Unless you are willing to lend out the book that your guest hasn't had the time to finish, short stories might be a good option. If there are children amongst your guests, a few kids books and a selection of toys or games might help towards a calm environment for all! Last but not least (and the first essential for many guests!), your wifi code, noted on a small piece of paper or pinned up somewhere visible.

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