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5 Good Reasons to Declutter Now!

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

1. Find things, avoid stress & arguments - how often are you or other family members delayed in leaving the house by lost keys, purse or phone? Reducing clutter and having a place for everything, will help to avoid these last minute panics and save you time! Are your husband and kids tidier or messier than you are? Do these differences lead to resentment and arguments? Decluttering & Organising tends to be infectious! If you start the ball rolling by tackling one part your house, it's likely that others will follow your example, as they start to appreciate the difference it makes. If you're the untidy one, a willingness to change in this area of your life, may will go a long way to reducing tension and arguments.

Decluttering & Organising your wardrobe makes it so much easier and quicker for you to decide

what to wear in the mornings and get dressed. Not only will you be able to find everything quickly, but you'll know what works with what, making it easier for you to pull outfits together with confidence.

2. Make some money - Decluttering helps you to identify items which you no longer use or need and therefore could be to donated or sold. This is a double win at this time of year, as the money you make could be put towards Christmas presents, or alternatively, a new experience for the whole family to enjoy. If you're local to Maidenhead, you could sell good quality clothes through "Diana's Wardrobe".

3. Clean your house quicker - and easier. Whether you clean your house yourself, or employ the services of a cleaner, this can make a real difference. Decluttering by removing objects makes a space much easier to dust, clearing floor space speeds up vacuuming and so it goes on. In houses where I've Decluttered & Organised, just by having less stuff around, cleaners have remarked on a real difference in terms of both the ease of cleaning and the time it takes them to complete each room.

4. Improve your wellbeing - Decluttering & Organising takes a living space from chaos to calm. An orderly environment has been shown to aid clarity of thought and improve creative thinking. Having a good declutter allows a deep clean to remove dust, this is so important for asthma and allergy sufferers. By stripping a space of objects that are no longer useful or desirable, you may create space to introduce some plants and other types of greenery. Plants are brilliant as they bring life and positive energy into a room, as well as producing feelings of wellbeing and improving air quality.

plant planter calm declutter organise
Plants promote wellbeing and improve air quality

How do you want to feel in your living space? Always stressed out, with stuff every surface competing for your attention and reminding you of all the things you need to do? Or would you like somewhere that you can relax, read a magazine, listen to music, take the time to try out a new recipe, or write a card to an old friend?

5. Save some money - do you feel as though you're running out of space for all your clothes and are thinking of buying a new wardrobe? Or maybe you're planning some bespoke carpentry to create extra cupboard space for household items? Perhaps you're even thinking of spending thousands of pounds on an extension to your house, or a loft conversion?

Often once you've had a really good sort out, you may find that it's no longer necessary to spend money in this way, as you actually have all the space you need. Imagine if the money saved could be put towards an amazing family holiday instead. Less is More!

Jo Hall is a Berkshire based Declutterer & Organiser

If you would love to have a really good sort out but don't know where to start, or maybe you've made a great start with it, but have since lost your way, Jo can help!

Jo works with clients in person (locally) 🏠 and remotely 👩‍💻 anywhere in the World, on all types of decluttering & organising projects, as well as having DIY online resources available. Please do get in touch to fix up a no obligation chat: Less Is More

If you're on Facebook or Instgram why not follow Less Is More for regular ideas and inspiration?

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