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clutter free, organised kitchen

Less Is More

Jo Hall - Coaching you online to be clutter free

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Is your clutter keeping you awake at night?

If you're ready to:

  • Reduce your stuff

  • Reclaim your space

  • Get organised (for good)

  • Start living in rooms you love

You've landed in the right place...

Clutter free, calm, well organised rooms
  • Moving home and downsizing

  • Selling your property (home staging to optimise sale )

  • Re claiming space/ re purposing a room

  • Adapting your home for ease in sickness or for old age

  • Preparing to share your house with others (home share/new baby arrival/elderly parents)

  • Maintaining your clutter free well organised home (forever)

  • Curbing your shopping habit in order to enjoy the freedom of living with less

Decluttering & Organising
Online Sessions & Courses

Professional Organiser Jo Hall

Jo Hall - Professional Organiser 
Decluttering & Downsizing Expert 

Why choose Jo for your project?

I believe that a living space should be uncluttered and organised, but that you should surround yourself with objects that are meaningful to you.

Your home environment should be comfortable rather than stark it's not about depriving yourself, more about reaching a level of possessions that you are comfortable with.

I like to hold on to memories, but I'm interested in exploring the best ways to do that; using the best techniques available today, be that restoring, reframing or repurposing.

I firmly believe that decluttering is a journey not a destination.

It may start with a defined decluttering project, but it is also about adopting a new way of thinking about our possessions and the organisation of our living space on an ongoing basis.

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Heike West, Cox Green

Transformation to Tidy, Together

I’ve just finished Jo’s course - and absolutely loved it.

Having a group of people that are in the same boat and taking this journey together has been wonderful and eye opening and super encouraging.


I’ve had several lightbulb moments during the course and it’s set me on the path for a clutter free home.

I can highly recommend the course. It is SOOO helpful!

Suzanne Mountain, Seaford

(My Eyes on Your Room &
Chaos to Calm Kitchen
DIY Guide)

Jo's services were invaluable. Wanting to sell our home I approached Jo to help me make it more appealing. Jo had done extensive prep for our video call and we quickly worked through her recommendations.

Jo has an amazing eye for detail and style. She works with what you've got already rather than asking you to go buy more things. I was amazed by the difference her input made.

Helen Fryer, Sheffield

(Transformation, to Tidy, Together)

This is a great course for anyone feeling, as I was, overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in their house.

There were practical tips, psychological insights, bags of encouragement and good ideas for finding new homes for unwanted items.


I'm now well on my way to having a different attitude to my possessions and a much tidier home. Jo was very knowledgeable and understanding and made the Zoom sessions fun and interesting.


An unexpected bonus was getting to know my fellow attendees - a group of really lovely, encouraging, non-judgemental folk. 10/10

How Online Decluttering & Organising
Sessions Work

A little bit of pre work - I'll ask you a series of questions in order to help us both understand what you'd like to achieve in the room or rooms that we're going to be working on.

Show me your room(s) - next I'll invite you to send through photos of your room in advance of our first online session​.

I'll then make detailed notes on your photos ready for our first call.

Initial Zoom and subsequent sessions - during our call we'll talk about what you'd like to achieve and make a step by step plan for tackling your project.

We'll cover process, fresh ideas and timeframes (accountability).

Zoom calls will be recorded and the link plus key points emailed to you at the end of each session.

Keeping in touch - between calls we'll keep in touch via What's App.

Online decluttering and home organising service, behind the scenes, how it works
Online decluttering. and organising session with Jo Hall Professional Organiser

Ways of Working Together

Transformation to Tidy, Together

8 week online group or individual course with lifetime access to all course material

From £155

My Eyes on Your Room

Working together online - via What'sApp

From £80 (includes up to 2 hour call time & written recommendations)

Chaos to Calm Kitchen DIY Guide

Online resource with optional 1:1 sessions

From £40

Not sure which to choose?

Book a FREE initial call to help you decide

Ongoing support -

Invitation to join FREE online Decluttering Club

Clutter Free Living Guide


If you have clutter, let's have a chat!

Home: Services

Decluttering & Organising Projects


Decluttering & Organising Projects

Get in Touch

If you're interested in a no obligation chat, or booking a declutter session, please leave your details in the contact form, or call Jo directly on

07734 414814

Jo Hall Professional Organiser working with client

I'd love to work with you!

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